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Washoe County

3-1-1 (or 775.328.2003)

Washoe County Public Request Form

Washoe County has adopted the following guidelines to request and obtain public records pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 239.

  • To obtain public records, please complete and submit the Public Records Request Form in its entirety.  In order to expedite your request, please be as detailed as possible.
  • Washoe County Staff will respond within 5 business days with the requested record or provide an estimated timeline as required by NRS 239.0107 (1).
  • Requests submitted outside of normal business hours will be received for processing the next business day.
  • If the agency does not have legal control over the records being requested, staff will make reasonable effort to direct the requestor to the appropriate agency or contact.
  • The agency may charge a fee of actual cost (paper, toner, CDs, USB, postage, ect.) to produce the record(s). Additionally, the agency may charge for labor to expedite the record ahead of the original timeline, assuming resources are available.
  • Public records will be provided in the same format in which it was created and/or stored.  The agency is not responsible for restructuring information based on the requestor’s preference.  However, the agency may provide the record in any medium that is readily available. 
  • If, after review of your request, the agency determines that the requested records are exempt from disclosure for a reason set forth by NRS, the agency reserves the right to claim such exemption and provide reason(s) for denial.
  • Washoe County is committed to providing public records in an expeditious and courteous manner.  However, if you feel that you have been denied access to public records unlawfully, you have the right to file a review with the 2nd Judicial District Court.

For more information, read about Ch. 239 Nevada Revised Statutes

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